Professional Packing Services


domestic03European-packing-serviceWe know that the most tedious and time consuming part of relocating is the packing. Of course, it takes even longer if you take care to do the job properly and ensure everything is safely secure in the right size cartons. Unpacking can also take time, if you need packing before local removals in Milton Keynes, National removals, Overseas removals or even European removals you can rely on the professionals at ARK Relocation.

Removal BoxProfessionally in-house trained in Fine Art, Fragile & Antique packing, the ARK Relocation team, carefully pack to industry standards. We used specially designed cartons and packing materials to help protect items during removal, transporting or storage.

Full Packaging Service


Our packing team will pack up your whole house contents, paying special attention to all valuable, fragile, antiques and unusual items. If you require our unpacking service, our crew will unpack at your new home, place effects to open surface or assist you in putting effects into cupboards and clear all debris.

Fragiles packing serviceChina & Fragiles Service


Our packing team will be equipped with all the right packing materials to complete all the China, Glass and other fragile items, leaving you to pack everything else.

 Garment Packing


domestic04Ark-Free-on-the-dayOur specially designed hanging wardrobe cartons are used for the transfer of all; Suits, Dresses, Shirts, etc, so that they stay wrinkle – free as possible.

Our Linen cartons are used for all bedding and other clothes in drawers to minimize and stay wrinkle – free as possible.



Specialist Services


Our specialist’s service provides designed materials and crates for the protection to all Antiques, Art Works or any other delicate special items.

We offer handy man service to dismantle / reassemble & many more services if required. Our specialist’s services are only available on request.


Handy Packing Tips From The Specialists


packing-tips-and-adviceRelocating can be tedious and at times costly affair especially if your move is long distance. You have to plan accordingly and scheduling things to avoid the last minute rush that often is pegged with mistakes. Part of the planning should account for packing your belongings. You can opt to do it yourself or hire professionals to handle it for you on the day you are moving.

But before delving into the nitty-gritty of packing, we wish to point out that packing up your belongings may be a big job, but one that should not overwhelm you. The secret is to plan to start early and to be organised as you go about sorting and storing your items. Keep in mind that some things may need a professional approach and these can be left for a later date, preferable for our movers to handle them for you.

What You Will Need

You will need to have enough packing supplies. For this, you can collect some clean boxes of different sizes from the local supermarkets. You also should get old newspapers that you will use to wrap or even cushion some fragile items. Ensure that the cartons and newspapers are not wet or damp so that they do not reap or stain your belongings. If you cannot find clean boxes that are sturdy enough, you should buy moving boxes which we can provide for you.

Besides the storage spaces (boxes), you also need to get other packing supplies that include:

  • Markers and labels
  • Plastic bags
  • A sharp knife or pair of scissors
  • Heavy duty boxing tape for sealing the cartons boxes. The tape should be around 2 inches wide.

How To Pack

Keep in mind that you are doing this a day at a time, identifying what you will not require in the days leading up to the scheduled moving date.

  • Pick one room and have formula regarding which room will follow next. Pack one room at a time so that you avoid complicating things; it also makes it easier to sort and unpack when you are in your new place.
  • Take around two days for each room when packing and pack a couple of boxes each day. Ensure that you have enough filler materials to help cushion the fragile items.
  • The heavy items should be at the bottom and the lights one on the top, stacking them carefully in layers. With each box, try to maintain a weight of less than 25kgs.
  • Ensure each carton can hold the weight of its contents and that its bottom is securely taped. A rule of thumb to keep in mind: the heavier the items, the fewer pack and the smaller the case or box.
  • Lastly, label each carton giving a brief description of its contents and the room they belong.

We hope that these tips will help you plan your packing and organise yourself in readiness of relocating. But, feel free to let us handle the packing for you if you feel that it is too demanding of a job for you. Get in touch with us so that we can make adequate plans and schedule times for our professionals to do the packing in readiness for moving.

Packing 10th December 2014

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