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Relocating to Buckinghamshire

In Buckinghamshire, there are many families that have moved to be closer to their work in the towns of Bletchley and Buckingham, but there are also families that have moved to be further from their city jobs.


Every year, thousands of families around the UK decide to move to a different county like Buckinghamshire. This can be for a wide variety of reasons but usually revolves around work.

Traditionally, people have moved to be closer to their jobs but, in this era of internet businesses and telecommuting, it is common for families to move away from the stresses of large cities and settle in small towns or villages.

Living in a small Buckinghamshire town like Newport Pagnell or a quaint village like Quainton is arguably more relaxing than living in a bustling city and the health benefits are greater than just reduced stress levels.

Many businesses have discovered telecommuting as a way of reducing not only costs, but employee stress, which can improve productivity. As the practice evolves, some find that a periodic meeting at the main office can be beneficial, so a monthly commute has become standard.
Again, living in Buckinghamshire makes this easy. With the M40 to the West, the M1 to the East and the M25 to the South, it’s not a problem getting those monthly meetings in the city.

There is more to life than just work, (or there should be) like relaxing with family and friends, socialising and feeling a sense of community. These things seem far easier in the slower paced environment of a small market town than they do in the frantic rush of a busy city.

At Ark Relocation, we understand the importance of making life stress-free, (or as close to it as possible) so we provide our removals services accordingly. We assess every move individually, so we can accommodate specific requirements and give an accurate quote. If the quote is accepted, we treat the contract with the same high level of respect as we treat our customers. This means we will never let a customer down.
We can also provide a full packing service or specialist packing as required. Ask our friendly staff for more details when you call Call on 01908 311 001 for a quote.


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